Packers still not budging on Aaron Rodgers trade possibility

The folks at PointsBet have installed Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater as co-favorites to be the Week One starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, at +140 each. Not far behind them, at +220, is “other.”

“Other” includes, possibly, Aaron Rodgers.

For the same reason that June 2 becomes a new phase for a potential Russell Wilson trade (the cap charge drops from $39 million to $13 million), June 2 chops the cap hit for a Rodgers trade by $11.5 million. It’s still highly unlikely that a trade will occur.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Packers aren’t budging in their position that they won’t trade Rodgers.

And so the standoff will continue. Rodgers wants out. The Packers want to keep him. And time will tell whether he shows up for mandatory minicamp and/or training camp.

It would be a surprise if he doesn’t show up. He says he loves his teammates, his coaches, the fans. Why would he choose playing for no one over playing for the Packers? He’d lose a $14.7 million salary, he’d forfeit $11.5 million in previously-paid signing bonus, and he’d sacrifice a $6.8 million roster bonus earned earlier this year. Also, he wouldn’t play football during one of the not-many-remaining years he has in the game.

He could, in theory. show up and half-ass it. Pride would surely get in the way of that. If he’s there, he’s all in.

Two months from today, we’ll find out if he’s there or not.