Weber Grill Reviews - What you need to know

If you want to buy a versatile, classic American grill that’s built to last, the first company you should look at is Weber.

Weber is most well known for making big, solid metal outdoor barbeque grills. Today, Weber calls their big and round classic the “Original Kettle.”The Original Kettle is still Weber’s most well-known product. However, in recent years Weber’s gas grills and line of portable products have become increasingly popular as well.

Charcoal Grills vs. Gas Grills

In the 80s, Weber came out with a gas grill innovation called the flavorizer. The flavorizers on Weber gas grills make use of the drips that fall away from you food as it cooks.

When drips of marinade or natural food juices hit the flavorizer, they evaporate. The resultant smoke from the evaporated food juice gets reabsorbed by whatever you’re cooking. That’s why food prepared with Weber flavorizers tastes so good.

Weber’s Big Mistake: the Failed Go-Anywhere Portable Gas Grill “Update”

The vast majority of Weber’s barbecue products are awesome, but there are a few notable exceptions. Weber’s recent update to its portable Go-Anywhere gas grill, for example, is a giant step backwards.

For some reason, Weber decided to remove the flavorizer bar. Present instead is a mediocre broiler pan. That was a big mistake.

The new edition of the Go-Anywhere gas grill has received many harsh reviews. Loyal Weber customers rightfully complained that the new version of the Go-Anywhere gas grill really isn’t a grill at all. Hopefully, Weber will listen to the complaints and bring back the flavorizers in the next edition of the Go-Anywhere.

What They're Doing Right

Though the gas version of the Go-Anywhere portable grill is horrible, the charcoal edition of the Go-Anywhere actually quite amazing. Also, the G1000 (Weber’s update to its popular G100 portable) has been well received.

Of course, when it comes to full-sized charcoal grills, Weber is still an industry leader. Weber’s Original Kettle and Original Kettle Premium remain head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to outdoor charcoal grills.

Read on to find out more about Weber’s latest line of full sized and portable barbeque products.

The Most Famous Weber Charcoal Grill: the Original Kettle

The latest version of the Original Kettle comes in two flavors: regular and premium. Let’s take a closer look at both and see how they compare.

Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

The Weber Original Kettle (22 inch)

The design of the Original Kettle is so iconic that it’ll probably never go out of style, but there is more to this grill than just simple good looks. Innovations like adjustable dampers and the Weber One Touch cleaning system have been around for decades, but these features are still as revolutionary as they were when they first came out.

What We Love:

WWII era chic design. The Original Kettle’s shell looks and feels like it could withstand a small explosion.

Adjustable aluminum dampers. The adjustable dampers let you either bring more airflow in to stoke the coals or prevent the smoke inside from escaping.

Unique coal stirring mechanism. The One Touch coal stirrer allows you to mix the coals around. Keeping your coals                fresh prevents them from burning out too fast.

What Could Be Improved:

Add more extra features. The “bare bones” design gives this grill a classic feel, but why not add in a few more features? An optional fold-out table attachment, for example, would be a nice touch.

The Weber Original Kettle Premium (22 inch)

The Original Kettle Premium is exactly the same size and shape as the normal version of this grill. However, it does have one interesting feature: a large, heavy duty ash trap. The improved ash trap holds more ash and is more resistant to wind and rain. If you plan on grilling in bad weather, opting to get the premium edition may be a good idea.

What We Love:

It’s the best all-around charcoal grill money can buy. The standard edition of the Original Kettle is quite nice, but the Original Kettle Premium is even better.

A few minor upgrades to the classic design. The Original Kettle Premium has a built-in temperature gauge and tool hooks for your accessories.

What Could Be Improved:

Make the body and frame even sturdier. This is very well made and is built to last, but it’s still quite a bit lighter than the Weber grills of the 60s and 70s.

Weber’s Portable Grills

Now that we’ve covered Weber’s most popular products, let’s move on to their portable grills. The best that Weber in this department is the Q1000 liquid propane grill and the charcoal edition of the Go-Anywhere.

The Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

The Go-Anywhere lacks Weber’s characteristic flavorizers. Instead, it comes with a broiler that doesn’t even get very hot.

The charcoal edition of the Go-Anywhere, however, is a powerful little beast. Even a small amount of coal is enough to heat this little grill up to impressive temperatures.

What We Love:

Weber’s trademark adjustable dampers. The charcoal edition of the Go-Anywhere comes with adjustable dampers that look just like the ones found on the Original Kettle.

Ultimate portability. The attached handle and snap-on lid are perfect for on-the-go grillers.

Impressive heat. The charcoal Go-Anywhere is one of the smallest grills that Weber makes. Yet, it’s surprisingly powerful once                        you light up the coals and get to grilling.

What Could Be Improved:

Invent some other way to add fuel. There isn’t much room between the grill and the bottom of the kettle. As a result, it’s difficult to add in more fuel once you get the fire going

Weber’s Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

This stylish propane grill from Weber is perfect for anyone who likes to grill, but hates cleaning up afterwards. Charcoal may add to the taste of a meal, but it sure does make a mess.

Weber’s Q1000 (an upgrade to the Q100) offers a number of improvements that make this grill worth a hard look if you are in the market for a portable.

What We Love:

Precise heat control. The “infinite control” knob lives up to its name. Just dial in how hot you want the flames to be and get to grilling.

Optional griddle. This useful accessory is good news for breakfast fans.

Easy to carry. Just like the Go-Anywhere, the Q1000 is lightweight and easy to set up and tote around.

What Could Be Improved:

The next Q-series grill should come with the griddle. The ability to switch for a griddle is an outstanding feature. But why does Weber force you to buy the griddle separately?

Which Weber grill is the best?

The answer to the above question entirely depends on your grilling habits and preferences. All of the products listed above are outstanding, but different grilling situations require different kinds of grills.

If you’re looking for a nice portable grill and you like the taste of meat prepared over charcoal, get the Go-Anywhere. On the other hand, if you love to grill but hate to clean up afterwards, you should go with the Q1000.

Looking for a full-sized outdoor grill? You won’t go wrong with Weber’s Original Kettle design. Weber fans might enjoy the Original Kettle Premium edition, but most people will be fully satisfied with the standard version.