Weber Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The main reason why barbequers buy a grill like the Spirit E210 is because of the large amount of useful horizontal space it has. With this grill, you get 450 square inches of surface area to cook on. That’s enough room to fit in 10 to 15 burger patties at once. With that much grill space at your command, you can grill up enough meat to satisfy a sizable crowd. There’s also two sturdy fold-away tables that give you a place to put your food when it’s done cooking.

The second attractive thing about this grill is the fact that it has flavorizer bars. Weber came out with the flavorizer bar concept back in the 80s. The flavorizer bars keep grease away from the burners, which is a nice safety feature. The best thing about flavorizer bars, though, is how they help enhance the taste of your meat by cooking the sauces and marinades that fall away.


Weber’s trademark flavorizer bars — The flavorizer bars prevent the delicious tastes and aromas of your marinades and sauces from escaping as your food cooks.

Stainless steel fold-down tables — These tables give you plenty of room to work with as you grill, and they won’t dent or chip because they are made out of solid metal.

Choose from 3 types of grilling grates — Depending on how you want to cook, you can opt to get one of three different types of grates with this grill. The porcelain coated steel grates are the easiest to clean. The plain steel grates retain heat well and leave beautiful sear marks on meat. The porcelain coated cast iron grates are the best choice for slow cooking or smoking.

One-piece burner tubes — Weber recently streamlined their burner tube design. The new burner tubes are extra durable and powerful.

Fuel gauge — The fuel gauge lets you know exactly when you are due for a refill.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

The Good

This grill’s large cooking surface makes it great for grilling large amounts of food. Also, the flavorizer bars enhance the taste of the final product.

The Bad

The Spirit E210’s 26,500 BTU burners aren’t as strong as other gas grills in its class.

Best Suited For

Weber fans and barbeque aficionados who like the convenience and cleanliness grilling with a gas powered grill.

Not So Good For

If you’re looking for a high powered gas grill that gets really hot fast, there are better products out there.

The Verdict

If you like to barbeque at medium or low temperatures, you’ll love this grill. The construction is solid. This grill will last you 10 years or more. On the other hand, some reviewers have complained that the burners are not as powerful as they could be. If you prefer to cook your meat slowly, this grill won’t disappoint. But if you like to crank the heat all the way up, the Spirit E210’s lack of power could be an issue.

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