Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill Review

The Weber Original Kettle Premium edition looks very similar to the Weber Original Kettle normal version, with one key exception: the Original Kettle Premium’s ash catcher is different. In the Premium edition of the Original Kettle grill, the ash catcher is bigger and designed to protect against wind gusts.

Other additions to the basic Original Kettle design include a built in thermometer and a few handy tool hooks for holding grill accessories.


Retro design — The Weber’s classic round “egg” grill shape looks just as awesome as it did back in the 50s.

Large cooking surface — This grill gives you lots of cooking space to play with. 363 square inches of space is enough room to fit in about 15 hamburgers.

“One Touch” cleaning system — Weber’s classic cleaning system allows you to keep the vents from clogging up.

Large sized ash catcher — In this version of the Original Kettle, the ash catcher is extra large and shielded from the elements.

Temperature control — The built-in thermometer and the adjustable dampers allow you to control how hot the coals will burn.

  Tool hooks — The addition of tool hooks in this edition gives you a convenient place to hang your grill tools when you’re not using                                            them.

Our Ratings: 4.5/5

The Good

Weber’s iconic grill design will probably never get old. This grill is so versatile that you can use it to make just about any style of barbeque under the sun. Also, the cooking surface area this grill gives you is enormous.

The Bad

The Original Kettle Premium is significantly more expensive than the normal version of this model, but you don’t get that many extra features.

Best Suited For

Weber fanatics.

Not So Good For

Casual barbequers.

The Verdict

This is a high end grill built for fans of the classic Weber style. If you loved the original grills that it was inspired by, you’ll be satisfied with the Original Kettle Grill Premium. The extra features that the Original Kettle Grill Premium brings to the table are interesting, but unless you live in a windy area you won’t notice much of a difference between the Original Kettle Grill Premium and the Original Kettle Grill standard edition.

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