Using a Trash Can as a Charcoal Grill

grey trash can for grilling

Trash Cans that are Built for Grilling

The trash can charcoal grill is exactly what it sounds like. Yes, it’s a charcoal grill inside of a trash can. They are interesting, to say the least. Some people will try to make these themselves out of trash cans from the hardware store, but this is seriously not recommended.

There are many components to these grills, and they should be purchased and built by professionals. These grills are typically cheap to buy and worth investing in.

One of the best trash can grill around is called “The Original Po’ Man Charcoal Grill and Cooker.” According to the website, Po’ Man is a noun as well as a verb and is a method as well as a mindset. It’s also more value, more flavor, more meat, and less fancy-pants.

Large, Durable, and Low Maintenance Grill

Usually, trash can grills are easy to set up as well as easy to transport. It’s also relatively cheap to operate as it works on plain charcoal and rubbing alcohol alone.

The cans are fairly large and deep which allows you to cook larger pieces of meat. You can cook full rotisserie chickens, full racks of ribs, and even an entire pork shoulder.

They are also easy to operate. All you need to do is light the coals, add the meat, tilt the lid and let the trash can work its magic. This allows for you to focus on other things while your food is cooking and is a very convenient feature of these grills.

The trash can grill may look like an ordinary trash can off the curb, but grills such as the Po’ Man are constructed out of highly durable rolled stainless and steel metals. Even though most of them are painted, they’re made with quality paint which will withstand the heat from the grill inside.

These grills have been known to be impossible to mess up, and produce some of the most fantastic, fall off the bone meat. It’s also perfect for poultry, fish, and even vegetables.

There are many different recipes for the trashcan grills. You can cook things like steak, pork, chicken, chicken wings, whole turkeys, hamburgers and even wild game such as venison, elk, and other animals from your hunting trip. For recipes, cooking times and instructions you can find them online.

The Perfect Grill for Hunters 

On the inside there are many components to the trash can grill. The top will contain skewers for your meat. Then below there will be a grill grate for you to place things like vegetables. 

The can also includes a drip pan, so no grease or fat from your food gets into the coal box underneath. At the bottom, there’s the starter cup which heats your can to the perfect temperature for your meat.

This is the perfect gift for the hunter or backwoods country man or woman in your life. Since the grill is easy to transport and very lightweight, it can be used anywhere.

This is what makes them the perfect and ultimate grill for barbecues, get-togethers or even tailgates. You’re always guaranteed quality smoked meat that everyone will go crazy for.


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