Top 7 Foods that Taste Better on the Grill

Lobster on the barbeque

7 Delicious Foods that Taste Better with Charcoal

Our ancestors have been using fire to cook their food for thousands of years with no complaints. Now we’ve added one component to make that discovery worth celebrating. Fire, meet charcoal.

Food always tastes better with that smokey flavor you can only get from charcoal, and these are some meals worth grilling rather than your basic chicken, or beef.

Next time you are wondering what to cook on a charcoal grill, try these:

Lobster on the Grill

It’s not every day you would think to put a lobster on the grill, but it’s something you’ll wish you tried earlier. The high heat from the grill turns the lobster’s shell an amazing red and steams the tender flesh inside that hard shell to perfection.

Chicken Wings that are Better than Half Pricehoney garlic chicken wings

If you can be found every Thursday night sitting on a bar stool waiting for those half price wings, we’re going to do you one better. The trick to the perfect chicken wing isn’t just in the sauce or venue.

It’s in the meat, and way you cook it. You haven’t tasted finger licking good chicken wings until you’ve cooked them on a grill. No hot oil required, just real meat and your favorite sauce.

Try Grilling Bacon

Bacon truly is one of the best things on this great planet. It compliments anything and everything it touches, and you can’t mess it up. But if you haven’t tried grilling bacon then you’ve never truly tasted bacon.

Red Peppers Absorb Smokey Flavors

Sadly as a human race we can’t survive off the protein in meat alone. Eventually, we have to eat some vegetables. When you grill certain vegetables, they absorb a lot of the smokiness from the charcoal.

Red peppers are at the top of the list followed by squash, zucchini, red onions, tomatoes, eggplant, and potatoes. Red peppers are also good when grilled and topped on top of something like bread, or even in salsa.

Fresh Corn On The Cobgrilled corn with butter

Many people already grill their cook corn on the cob. However, the next time you try this, don’t spring for that pre-peeled packaged corn. 

Buy corn with the husk and throw it on the grill as it is. This will let the corn on the inside steam and become tender. You can then add any toppings you’d like or just eat it the way nature intended, with butter.

Squid becomes Tender

Yes, squid. It’s odd, but the taste of grilled squid is incredible. Grilled squid is a big delicacy in Japan, and you can buy them right off of the charcoal fire. When it’s grilled correctly it transforms from its usual slimy self, the flesh plumps up, and the meat becomes tender. It tastes nothing like the usual rubbery, fried calamari.  

Marinated Lamb Chops

If you decide to try these, fair warning, if you want it done properly then it can be a lengthy wait. When you leave the lamb sitting overnight in your favorite, marinate the result will be well worth the wait.

Marinated lamb chops are by far the easiest to prepare because it requires no kitchen tricks or exotic ingredients. Once marinated they can go directly from the kitchen to the grill. It’s just good meat with great seasoning.

There are many different foods to try and even more ways to cook them. Why don’t you try grilling your favorite recipes on the barbecue and see the difference in taste for yourself?


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