A Guide to Setting Up Your Gas Grill

Barbecue set up in backyard

Understand Your Gas Grill and How it Works

A gas grill is a barbecue grill that functions using a form of gas, typically either propane or natural gas. Any grill that applies heat from below to food is a barbecue grill. Any barbecue grill that uses gas as its primary source of fuel is a gas grill.

Through this method, gas is used to fuel a flame underneath the food, which cooks food directly or heats elements on the grill that warm the entire barbecue, cooking the food. Gas grills differ from other grills in the type of fuel used to produce heat and to cook the food.

Setting up Your Gas Grill

Most gas grills come in the typical cart design with the base grill as part of a larger framed cart that has a space for a propane tank, trays for plates, and spaces for grilling tools. 

You can place your grill in a convenient spot in your backyard, away from your house and any branches that are hanging close by. Whether you are using a natural or propane gas grill, setting it up is as easy as connecting it to the gas fuel.large barbecue in backyard

Natural Gas Grills

Make sure the grill is placed near the gas line if you are planning to use this type of grill. Once you have found a place for it, you can attach the gas line to the grill and you should be good to go. Simply turn on the flow of natural gas using the grill and light the burners. Make sure you turn the fuel off when you are done using the gas grill.

Propane Gas Grills

If you are using a propane gas grill, you have more freedom over where you can place the grill. All you really need to do is make sure you attach the line from the grill to the propane tank. When using the grill, turn the gas on from the propane tank. Ensure you turn it off when you are done operating the grill.

Conversion Kits

Gas grills are typically designed for either propane gas or natural gas and are best suited to that fuel type. However, many gas grills can be converted to be used with the other type of fuel. This allows you to change an existing gas grill to function how you’d like without needing to replace it!

Getting Your Gas Grill to Work

Gas grills function by using gas, either natural or propane, as a source for fuel to ignite a flame and use that flame to grill food. They function by heating from below, pumping the gas from its source into the grill where it fuels the flame that cooks the food. All grills work on this same general principle and function in this manner.

In order to make a gas grill work, you really just need to attach the fuel source to the grill. Once you have gas flowing properly to your grill, it should run fine. There isn’t much to running a grill once you know how it works and have it set up properly.

If you are having trouble lighting up your grill, it is best that you narrow down the problem first by testing the grill, or replace certain parts if needed.


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