Grilled Banana Boat

Banana boats are delicious no matter how you make them. They are a lot like a banana split without the ice cream, and consists of a banana filled with delicious additions. The best part about a banana boat is that you can fill them with virtually anything you want. We think one of the best ways to have a banana boat is to grill it, so we’re going to hook you up with grilled banana boats in this post.

How to Make Grilled Banana Boats

Grilled banana boats are relatively easy to make and do not require too much time. All you need to do is slice a banana open lengthwise. This creates a space for you to fill the banana with anything you want in it; s’more fillings – chocolate and marshmallow – are a regular method, but you can really make it with whatever you want. Fill the banana with the ingredients you want, and place the banana boat in a tin foil. Wrap the banana, leaving space at the top of the foil for breathability. Place the banana boat on the grill on medium heat and place the cover over the grill.

Let it cook for eight to ten minutes or until the fillings begin to melt how you want them. You can also bake the banana boat in the oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes, but this takes longer and doesn’t give you the same grilled finish. Your grilled banana boat should take about twenty or twenty-five minutes in total, and will be well worth the time and effort! Take it off the grill, let it cool briefly, and dig in!

Creative Alternatives

While many people go for the classic s’more filling for their grilled banana boat, you can be creative and mix it up. Chocolate, marshmallow, and nuts are great classic fillings for a banana boat, but these aren’t the only options. You can try filling it with caramel, other fruits, or even adding ice cream on the side. Pairing a cool, soft treat with your hot, crispy grilled banana boat can give you the best balance for your dessert. Although you can’t go wrong with a classic, consider mixing things up and trying something new!

If you want the classic s’more, check out grilled s’mores!

All Aboard the Grilled Banana Boat!

Grilled bananas are delicious on their own, but they make a great grilled dessert if you fill it with sweet fillings. You can stay simple, and fill it with chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts, or mix things up and try something new. Consider getting creative with your grilled banana boat to bring out new flavours and an entirely new experience!


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