Do Gas Grills Need Charcoal?

One of the best smells in the world will always be meat cooking on a grill. When it comes to grills, you have many options, but nothing beats the backyard gas grill. Gas grills are made for the chefs who can get a bit impatient when they’re hungry. It’s a grill you can just fire up and go.

Don’t Burn Out The Burners

Gas grills are designed to handle the heat provided by their built-in burners. This means they don’t require charcoal to cook your favorite meats. You’d also be filling your beautiful new gas barbecue with ash as well as have hot burning embers falling out of it, inevitably leading to burns for you.

Charcoal Damage

charcoal-gas-grillsAnother issue which can come from throwing charcoal into your gas grill would be that the burning charcoal itself can damage certain components of your grill. You’ll most likely end up having to replace most of the parts, if not replace the entire grill itself. The burners in a gas grill can be very temperamental and with all of the ash and leftover debris from the charcoal can clog them.

There are some gas grills which have been designed to use charcoal as a fuel source. The problem with these, however, is either they aren’t a very high, quality barbecue when it comes to doing both gas and charcoal, or they’re expensive.

Get One That’ll Do Both

If you purchase a gas barbecue and it offers the option of using the gas or charcoal fuel that it’s best to consult the owner’s manual before trying it. If it says in the manual than make sure you follow the instructions down to a T to make sure that you don’t damage the gas components of the grill.

However, if your has grill is having difficulty heating to a decent temperature it’s safer to assume that there’s something wrong with the grill itself. This should be done first rather than trying to boost the heat with charcoal seeing as it poses serious problems to your grill. The best option, in this case, is to get your grill looked at by a professional.

For most grill masters or potential masters, it’s either one or the other. Gas-fired barbecues are usually the popular choice because of how quick and convenient they are to use. Charcoal grilling isn’t as neat and tidy, but it does bring an amazing smoke flavor to any dish you cook over top of it.

Grilling with charcoal does require more time and attention rather than gas where you can trust it and walk away for a bit.

At the end of the day if you want to have a gas grill but you also want the flavor which comes with charcoal than the dual barbecue is your best, and your safest bet.  


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