Safety Tips while Using a Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grill ready to use

Precautions You Can Take to Make Grilling Safer

Are you wondering if charcoal grills are safe? When it comes to this topic, there is a lot of controversy surrounding it. In Canada, charcoal is considered to be a restricted product under the Hazardous Products Act Regulations.

According to the Canadian Department of Justice, charcoal briquettes that are advertised, imported, or sold in Canada must have a warning label of the potential hazards.

Tips For Safe Grilling at Home

One of the most important rules while grilling is that propane and charcoal barbecue grills can only be used outdoors. Even grilling in the garage with the door open can be seriously harmful to your health and others.

The grills give off carbon monoxide, which even in the smallest doses, is enough to cause permanent damage to your health, and can also lead to death by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Location For Cooking Is Key

You want to look at the location and position of your grill. It should be placed away from your house, decks and the railings, as well as out from under the eavestroughs and overhanging branches.

This should be done before you start cooking to ensure that nothing accidentally ignites and no smoke gets inside the house.

Never Leave the Grill Unattended Keep An Eye On Your Grill

Another important rule is always to keep your children and pets away from the grill. Even if the grill isn’t on or in use, it’s still very hazardous and harmful to those unaware of it.

Always keep an eye on your grill when you are cooking and never leave it unattended. It only takes a second for something to happen and trust us, your food burning is the least of the possible worries.

Maintain a Clean Grill

Always keep your grill as clean as possible. Make sure you remove any grease or fat buildup from the grills and also the trays below. This will eliminate the possibility of any sort of fires igniting.

Charcoal Grill Safety Tipsput safety first

Make sure you know how to prepare your charcoal for proper use. Try using a charcoal chimney starter; they allow you to use something like newspaper as a fuel which is cheap and easy.

If you want to start your cooker using starter fluid, only use charcoal starter fluid. However, when using any flammable fluid or starter, you must never add them directly to the fire.

In addition, keep any starter fluid or charcoal fluid away from children and any heat sources. It is highly dangerous and flammable!

Use an Electric Starter to Avoid Flames

You can also get electric charcoal starters which don’t require any fire. If you choose to use this, make sure you’re using an extension cord suitable for outdoor use.

Don’t Dispose of Hot Coals

One of the most important rules of grilling with charcoal is to make sure you let the coals completely cool after you’re finished grilling. Once they’re cooled off you can dispose of them in a metal container.

When you choose to grill your food you’re not only opting for good food and great flavor, you’re also playing with fire. Make sure you follow the rules and take the necessary precautions around grills to keep yourself and others safe.  


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