Charcoal Grill Reviews - All you need to know

There are two main types of barbeque grills: charcoal grills and gas grills. Charcoal grills offer a number of advantages over gas grills.

For one thing, charcoal grills are simply hotter. When you’re making thick steaks, you need lots of heat. If you pour on lots of charcoal, your charcoal grill can get as hot as 800°F. That’s a much hotter temperature than most gas grills are capable of reaching

Another reason why charcoal grills are better is because of the added smoky taste that you get when you grill with charcoal. When drippings from the meat hit the charcoal, they vaporize and produce smoke. The smoke enriches the flavor of the meat, giving it a special taste that can’t be replicated with a gas BBQ.

Charcoal Grill Tips

Lay off the lighter fluid. Too much lighter fluid will affect the taste of your food.

When it comes to charcoal grilling, flavor is your friend. Don’t be afraid to experiment with glazes, marinades and spices.

Arrange the coals properly. Ideally, you want the most heat in the center of the grill. When the meat is almost cooked, move it towards the edge of the grill until it’s finished.

Now for the reviews

The two charcoal BBQ reviews listed below are about the two best full sized charcoal grills on the market today: the Weber Original Kettle and the Weber Original Kettle Premium.

Both grills are stainless steel charcoal grills. They’re both large grills, too. The Weber Original Kettle and the Weber Original Kettle Premium both feature 363 square inches of grill space. The question is: which of these charcoal grills is the best? Read on to find out the answer.

Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

The Weber Original Kettle (22 inch)

This is the updated version of the charcoal grill that turned Weber into an iconic American barbeque brand. Because the classic Weber style has remained popular for over five decades, Weber was smart to stick with the features that turned this large charcoal grill into a bestseller back in the 50s.

Weber was one of the first manufacturers to perfect adjustable dampers. The dampers on this grill can twist open or closed, allowing you to adjust the heat inside the grill without opening up the shell.

The other thing that Weber grills are known for is One Touch. With the One Touch cleaning system, you can stir the coals inside the kettle through the use of a hand crank. Stirring the coals clears dust and ash out of the way so that unused coals can keep the fire alive.

What We Love:

The instantly recognizable Weber style. The round grill shape is just as fashionable as it is functional. This Weber classic is inspired by one of the best designs of all time.

Adjustable damper. The damper gives a you a great deal of control over the charcoal, allowing you to increase or decrease airflow as necessary.

Weber’s famous One Touch cleaning system. The coal stirrer allows you to use your fuel more efficiently.

What Could Be Improved:

Add an optional pop-out table. Other grills have pop-out side tables on either side, but the Weber does not.

Create a more user friendly lid. The Weber lid is made of high quality steel, but it’s also a bit heavy. Other grills come with a hinged lid that helps block wind.

The Weber Original Kettle Premium (22 inch)

The premium edition of Weber’s iconic charcoal grill looks a lot like the regular version. The big upgrade has to do with the One Touch cleaning system. With the premium edition of the Original Kettle grill, you get a larger, more wind resistant ash trap. The improved ash trap is perfect for barbeques who often cook outside when it’s cold or windy.

The regular Original Kettle grill works great, but lacks modern features. The premium edition is also somewhat bare bones, but with the Original Kettle Premium you do get tool hooks and a built-in thermometer. The tool hooks are handy because they allow you to hang you grill brush and your spatula directly on the side. The thermometer is also useful because you can use it to keep a close eye on your grilling temperature.

What We Love:

The Original Kettle Grill Premium is the best version of one of the best full-sized charcoal grills on the market. If you decide to get this, you’ll likely be the envy of your entire neighborhood.

Ultimate coal control. Exert ultimate control over the temperature inside your grill by using the Weber dampers together with the upgraded One Touch cleaning system.

The other upgraded features do come in handy. The temperature gauge and the tool hooks aren’t necessarily fancy, but they are useful.

What Could Be Improved:

Add more extra features. The premium edition of the Original Kettle Grill costs significantly more than the normal edition, so it would be nice if Weber sweetened the deal a bit and added some more extra features to the next edition of this product.

Charcoal Grill Reviews Summary

Both of these classic charcoal grills are great. So, which one should you buy? The answer depends on your personal needs. If you are looking for a great classic charcoal grill, go with the Weber Original Kettle. The Weber Original Kettle Premium is made with Weber fans in mind. It has a few extra features, but for most people the Weber Original Kettle is a better deal.