Can You Use Your Portable Grill Inside?

Someone asked us in the comments the question “Can I use my portable grill outside?”. Here is our take on it:

Before you start your living room campout, you should probably hold off on the weenie roast. Or at least roast them outside. Portable charcoal and gas grills cannot be used anywhere other than outside. Even using your grill in the garage with the door open can be severely dangerous for your health.

1. Health Concerns

Charcoal and gas grills can both produce large amounts of carbon monoxide, which even in the smallest doses is enough to kill you. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas but is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and at first non-irritating. These factors make it impossible to detect and make it an extremely deadly gas.  Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when carbon monoxide builds up in your bloodstream. When too much of it is in the air, your body will replace the oxygen in your red blood cells with the carbon monoxide. This can lead to things like severe damage to your tissue or even death.

Every year a dozen people are killed using an outdoor grill inside.

2. Indoor Grills

If you’re going to be doing any indoor grilling, it must be done on either a grill pan or a grill which is made for indoor grilling. This way you don’t pose any risk to yourselves or others. However, it has been said that if you aren’t using a gas powered indoor grill than your food won’t have as much flavor as it would if it had been cooked outside on an outdoor grill.  

3. Types of Indoor Grills

When it comes to indoor grills, there are two kinds, the open grill, and the folding contact grill. The open grills are usually the most similar in ways to the outdoor grills and have a heating element as well as a grill like cooking surface. When cooking food, make sure you’re flipping your food so it can cook all the way evenly through.

The folding contact grill is more of a panini and sandwich press grill and is very versatile. The biggest and only real advantage to a contact grill is that it can cook on both sides at the same time and doesn’t require as much attention from the cook.

4. Grill Pans

Grill pans are usually inexpensive, easy to find in any department store, and are perfect for indoor grilling. The best grill pans will have a lot of mass to them so it can be better sear your food. Most grill pans are typically lightweight and have ridges which fail to lift food away from any grease which may be collecting. It’s best to choose a grill pan with high ridges to protect your food, and kitchen.

Rules For Grilling Indoors

The same way outdoor grilling does, indoor grilling also requires a lot of attention. It’s never safe to walk away and leave the grill unattended. Unlike grilling outdoors, there’s no wind to carry any smoke from a fire or burning food.

Trim any fats off of your food before you put it on your grill. This will help prevent any smoke since some open grills can let fat drippings get into the heating element. Even though it is a small risk, there’s still the possibility of a fire, so it’s recommended to keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

Portable grills are one of the best ways to cook your favourite foods. But with your grill, there are certain rules and precautions one must take to grill safely. Always be aware, and not just of your food.


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