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No respectable backyard is complete without a big, beautiful barbeque grill. With a barbeque grill, you can provide great-tasting food to large crowds of hungry visitors. If you are expecting friends, a barbeque grill allows you to quickly cook up a delicious feast. The largest backyard barbeque grills are capable of cooking up enough meat to feed an entire neighborhood.

Of course, BBQ grills aren’t just for people who want to cook a lot of food. Small portable grills are perfect for quickly cooking up a meal while you’re off camping. Larger portable grills are perfect for tailgate parties. Mini grills that are easy to clean and store are ideal for single guys who aren’t so great in the kitchen.

There are many uses for BBQ grills and many cooking styles to choose from. Today, fans of barbecue style cooking have even more access to BBQ inspired ideas, thanks to the wealth of barbeque recipes and how-to videos available online.

Today there are more reasons than ever before to own a barbeque grill. There’s just one problem, though. If you haven’t bought a new grill in years, it can be hard to know where to start.

New technologies have arrived on the scene. Infrared gas grills, for example, are becoming increasingly popular. So are built-in grills and electric grills. Of course, classic charcoal barbeque grills are still around as well.

If you want to find out more about what’s new in the barbeque world, you’ve come to the right place. 1grills.com is your barbeque review source. Here you can find in-depth, detailed info about the latest barbeque grills on the market. We’ve compared the top selling grills in various niche categories and posted our findings here, just for you.

Are you an aspiring grill master or a seasoned BBQ veteran? No matter how much grilling experience you have, you’re sure to find information here that’ll help you make a smart choice when it’s time to pick out your next barbeque grill. With our help and advice, you’ll be able to pick out the grill that’s perfect for your needs.

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